Therapeutic Pipeline

AnaViRx has several lead candidates based on our core pharmacophore.

These agents have exhibited potency against a variety of viruses including Influenza A and B as well as West Nile Virus, Dengue and SARS.

Through private partnerships and government CRADAs we are evaluating the efficacy of our small molecules against additional viral pathogens of interest from a biodefense perspective. These viruses include Ebola and Marburg as well as Japanese Equine Encephalitis, Western and Eastern equine encephalitis and other agents on the NIAID A, B and C pathogen list.


We are currently pursuing our lead candidates for flu through the steps needed for FDA approval.

AVX11001 has been shown to exhibit efficacy in vivo with oral bioavailability as well as an excellent safety profile. AnaViRx has identified a CRO with the capacity to manufacture the product under GMP conditions and this material will be used for in vivo toxicity testing in the 2 animal species needed for filing an IND with the FDA. AnaViRx expects to complete the IND filing by end of 2012 and begin Phase 1 testing in 2013.


In parallel studies on the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of analogues of AVX11001 against the other viruses we will select the most potent compounds for progression through the sane steps as for AVX11001.

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