AnaViRx Inc. is anticipating rapid growth over the next few years as we migrate therapeutics form early stage discovery through clinical trials.

We are seeking talented individuals to expand our team in the following areas;

Chemistry: chemists with expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry (LC/MS, NMR), QC/QA and CMC

Virology: virologists with expertise in assay development and small molecule screening against viral targets.

Toxicology: expertise in in vitro and in vivo assessment of compound toxicity as well as experience in software for prediction of toxicological issues

Regulatory affairs and preclinical development expertise: especially seeking candidates with prior experience in development and progression of small molecule antiviral compounds through IND and Phase I-III clinical trials.

If you have these skill sets and are interested in working in a dynamic, fast paced environment where your contributions are recognized, please send a copy of your CV and a cover letter to


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